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Crosscut of the Future

The creation of crosscuts in tunnels requires a great deal of effort.  It is difficult to integrate the construction sites for crosscuts into the work on the main drives, both logistically and technically. Every measure that helps simplify the logistical coordination and improve the quality of the work has great economic potential.

In the operating phase, however, crosscuts are of great importance because the equipment they house safeguards the operation of the subterranean system. In order to ensure this aspect, the operator of the subterranean system and the suppliers of the equipment are dependent on fast, clearly focused and comprehensive information (e.g. concerning malfunctions, failures, maintenance, etc.). If replacement of the equipment becomes necessary, this needs to be possible quickly, in an uncomplicated manner and without significant obstructions to normal operation.

This means that aspects such as the IOT (for information and control) and a modular structure of the equipment with its individual (supplier) parts (replacement by means of plug and play) are of great importance for the operating phase and therefore also offer great economic optimization potential.

SCAUT seeks to develop and operate a ‘Crosscut of the Future’ project dealing with issues of this nature in cooperation with industry and interested tunnel operators in order to be able to recognize potentials for optimization.