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Underground Green Farming

Urban farming is already taking place in many cities and is also a topic of interest for many organizations, cities and universities. The many positive aspects (short transport paths, fresh products, improvement of the urban environment, utilization of urban spaces, etc.) are convincing and highlight an area of great potential.

In isolated cases, subterranean urban areas such as old subway stations or existing underground spaces such as bunkers or underground chambers are already being used to produce agricultural products.

Based on the ‘Underground Farming’ conceptual study, SCAUT seeks to investigate the utilization of subterranean spaces for the production of foods in cooperation with interested representatives of the food and agricultural sectors. Ecological aspects play a significant role here (short transport paths, a recycling economy, optimization of production conditions, etc.).

Round Table Underground Farming

On 9th March 2018 SCAUT hosted a round table workshop with experts and stakeholders from the agricultural and food industry to introduce and develop the concept of Underground Farming.

This innovative approach towards farming involves consideration of various technical aspects, requirements, future trends and ethical questions in the food industry. Participants openly discussed these issues and finally concluded that an underground agricultural production could offer numerous advantages with respect to environment, climate and logistics.

SCAUT consortium launches 'Underground Green Farming' prototype using Aquaponic technology

On February 6th, 2019 the 'Underground Green Farming' prototype for a sustainable food production by using aquaponics was commissioned. (Article NEWS) / (

Trout and salad from the tunnel

A consortium is looking for new utilisation concepts for the underground. In an test gallery in Flums, it is currently breeding fish and growing salads. Is the future of food production Underground?

(Article Ostschweiz am Sonntag) / (PDF) - only German

SRF, 10vor10, 19. July 2019 - News Underground Farming with trouts (only German)

SRF, Kassensturz-Espresso, September 04, 2019 -

ITACUS and SCAUT are working together on an innovative solution for future-proof cities. Underground green farming to PRODUCE FOOD LOCALLY with zero carbon, zero waste and zero land-use. Watch the video and learn about this innovative concept!

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