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Information on SCAUT
Information on SCAUT

Urbanisation is a global trend. The spread of urbanisation increases the pressure for space on the surface, and useful space is used uneconomically or for high-emission activities. The third dimension, the underground, must be used more and with greater focus. Underground industrial solutions with automatic goods and passenger transport systems, high-security data centres, low-emission treatment plants, vibration-free precision production facilities, greenhouses with a stable climate, etc.

The traget use of the underground space requires, however, that the relevant technical and economic parameters are evaluated carefully and coordinated and that the necessary technologies for the development and use are existing.

The Gotthard Base Tunnel opened in 2016 is the longest railway tunnel in the world. The Swiss Center of Applied Underground Technologies (SCAUT), which was initiated on the day the tunnel was inaugurated, is the first-ever competency centre of its type globally and groups the know-how and the technology applied at the Gotthard Base tunnel, yet also of further innovative underground infrastructures, to make them available for various applications in the use of the underground space.

The SCAUT initiative is made up of several parts:

The SCAUT working method in a nutshell, see YouTube video (English subtitled) 
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