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Vision & Mission

SCAUT’s vision
The Swiss Centre of Applied Underground Technologies (SCAUT) is the world’s leading competency centre for the use of the underground space. It relies on high-end engineering, innovative solutions and most advanced ICT to make a substantial contribution to the creation of underground spaces for the future and to provide relief for metropolises and highly populated urban areas.

SCAUT’s mission
The Swiss Centre of Applied Underground Technologies is committed to three main tasks:
1. Innovative underground concepts
Leading network and know-how provider for the evaluation, concepts and implementation of innovative industrial usages the underground space.

2. Driving innovative technology
Facilitating technology development projects relevant in the world of underground facilities, as well as disseminating know-how by means of publications, events and networking platforms.

3. Creation of high-tech jobs
Proactively winning contracts for innovative underground projects domestically and abroad and handling them by creating and coordinating consortiums consisting of high-tech companies.