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Felix Amberg
Felix Amberg Chairman Steering Board and Member Initiative Committee MSc CE ETHZ, Owner of the Amberg Group, one of the world's leading underground engineering companies
Michael Lierau
Michael Lierau Member Steering Board and Initiative Committee MSc ME ETHZ, MBA degree from the George Washington University, CEO of Elkuch Bator AG, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of tunnel door systems
Thomas Freuler
Thomas Freuler Member Steering Board and Initiative Committee MSc CE ETHZ, EMBA degree from HSG, CEO SPAETER-Group Switzerland, one of the leading suppliers and service partner of Swiss construction industry.
Ernesto Schümperli
Ernesto Schümperli Member Initiative Committee

MSc CE ETHZ, MBA GSBA Zurich, ESC Consulting GmbH Consulting office for "Business Development and Construction"

Dr. Alberto Belloli
Dr. Alberto Belloli Member Initiative Committee Dr. Sc ME ETHZ, Owner of ROWA Tunnelling Logistics AG, logistics systems for underground construction
Reinhold Käslin
Reinhold Käslin Member Initiative Committee CEO of Creabeton Baustoffe AG and Müller-Steinag Element AG, supplier of concrete elements for civil construction
Daniel Isler
Daniel Isler Member Initiative Committee Dipl. El.-Ing. FH electrical engineering degree, CEO of Fargate AG, Switzerland's largest export network with 150 agents in 50 countries
Josef Ackermann
Josef Ackermann Member Initiative Committee Specialist engineering degree from NTB, Independent consultant in the fields of strategy, certification, and quality management
René Kotacka
René Kotacka Member Initiative Committee MSc CE ETHZ, head of the business unit Infrastructures at Implenia AG, the largest Swiss construction company
Dr. Dieter Strich
Dr. Dieter Strich Member Initiative Committee Administrative board member of Aco Passavant AG, a drainage specialist which is part of the Aco Group with 4,200 employees
Jürgen Schlichting
Jürgen Schlichting Member Initiative Committee Lic. rer. pol. degree Associate partner at Fargate AG, formerly CEO of various consulting firms, projects in more than 50 countries