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New Manging Director of SCAUT
New Manging Director of SCAUT
10.02.2022 | 13:45

The last months were not that easy for SCAUT: We faced various restrictions in our activities due to covid measures, but above all felt that the SCAUT Managing Director position was vacant. The committee tried to fill the gap as good as possible, but this was by far not enough to maintain all current and planned activities of SCAUT.

We are thus very much pleased to present you the new managing director of SCAUT with this newsletter – and hopefully soon also physically. Veronika Petschen holds a master’s degree in civil engineering of the Technical University of Budapest and accumulated a lot of experience as project manager in tunnel and infrastructure projects in the last 12 years. In this she has applied various digital technologies (BIM, point clouds, AI etc) and participated in digitalisation – and r&d projects. In the last two years Veronika Petschen was involved in the SCAUT project of the tunnel digitalisation centre too. She thus has a good technical background and already a deeper insight into SCAUT. She is motivated and committed to further develop and build up SCAUT. Veronika Petschen started 1. February 2022 as managing director and will work part time.

The committee is looking forward to the collaboration with Veronika Petschen and is convinced that she, together with the committee and the members of SCAUT, will stimulate SCAUT with exciting and future oriented activities.

Felix Amberg
Chair of the SCAUT Committee