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SCAUT Presentations on the World Systemic Forum
SCAUT Presentations on the World Systemic Forum
09.06.2022 | 09:16
Felix Amberg, the president of SCAUT, and Veronika Petschen, the managing director of SCAUT, had the great occasion to present SCAUT Projects at the World Systemic Forum on the 21. May 2022.

SCAUT participates together with the HUS Institute, ITACUS, Amberg Engineering and the Hagerbach Test Gallery in the Mission Earth First Initiative.

In the organisation of The HUS Institute and The System Change Foundation, the World Systemic Forum took place in the Hagerbach Test Gallery. This forum brings big unanswered questions to the table in an environment which celebrates openness and integrity, with panels led by some of the most influential thinkers, without-the-box thinkers, and transformers of our day. This year two round tables were held about the power of data and sustainable incentives for systems change. This year the World Systemic Forum hosted the lead Economist of the World Bank, the Cloud Computing Inventor, The Director for Ethics, Transparency & Accountability of Twitter, well known family offices, behavioural scientists, and creatives.

In the Inspiration Room, Mr Amberg held an inspiring speech about our Underground Green Farming Prototype and how this solution can add value to resilient cities and a sustainable future. He was followed by Han Admiral from ITACUS who spoke about the motivation behind the Mission Earth First, which is to develop solutions in underground that can be used in space missions but also serve sustainability goals on earth at the same time.

Veronika Petschen with Antonia Cornaro from ITACUS and Amberg Engineering presented the Edge Computing Underground project. All these projects offer sustainable solutions for the use of underground space, that matches very well the focus of the World Systemic Forum.

The Feedbacks were very positive, and we are really looking forward to further cooperation.